Accessible Alabama has developed the community readiness assessment to help individuals interested in community living consider the skills necessary to do so with the greatest likelihood of success. Based on best practices in rehabilitation and community transition literature, the assessment examines eight common adult roles and identifies tasks associated with effectively fulfilling each.

In addition, the assessment provides participants and their supports links to community resources that may assist with the transition. These resources are tailored as closely as possible to the community where a participant wishes to reside based upon the ZIP code provided.

Information gathered through this assessment is anonymous and is only intended as an educational resource to help guide participants and their support teams through the transition process. No personal information will be captured by Accessible Alabama or its affiliates. If you do not wish to complete the assessment, you may withdraw at any time simply by closing your browser window.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding this assessment please contact Accessible Alabama at [email protected] or 888-678-2767.