The following draft criteria have been cooperatively developed to serve as an initial framework for accessible housing design in Alabama.

Level 1 – Accessible

  1. A minimum of one bedroom, kitchen, some entertainment space and a full bathroom accessible on the main level, with a 32” accessible path throughout the central living area.
  2. At least one step-free entrance from driveway, sidewalk, or other route into main living area.
  3. All passage doors are a minimum of 34” wide on main living level.
  4. At least one accessible bathroom with no less than 30” x 48” rectangular space should be available on the 1st floor.

Level 2 – Liveable

  1. Meets all Level 1 Accessible criteria.
  2. Main floor living space should be available with at least one bedroom, kitchen, full bathroom, ample maneuvering room, and entertainment space should be available. If a multi-level home and other levels are accessible, then the additional levels must comply with these requirements.
  3. Open floor plan with all hallways at least 42” wide.
  4. Handle levers on all cabinets and doors. Levers should be positioned at most 44″ above the floor.
  5. All light switches, HVAC, and security system controls should be located at most 48″ above the floor.
  6. Reinforced bathroom walls for grab bars.

Additional Recommended Components

  • Lighting control system with occupancy sensors
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Security system
  • Smart Home environmental control system
  • Keyless locks
  • Roll-in shower with slanted floor
  • Accessible location for doorbells
  • Audio/Video controls
  • Door cameras
  • Motorized shades and blinds

These criteria are currently in draft form. We are interested in hearing from you. Do you have additional thoughts on criteria that we should include? Contact us today.